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Apple Pay Web and the Increasing Competition : MoMa Trends: Mobile Payments

Blog: MoMa Trends: Mobile Payments

In my previous posts I’ve spoken about users struggling to form habits around mobile wallets. According to a recent survey on consumer behaviour on the U.S. mobile payments published last February, 20 percent of iPhone 6 owners reported using Apple Pay at least once last December, down from 22 percent last spring. Among those who have adopted Apple Pay, 15 percent reported using it regularly compared with 19 percent last spring. These results added evidence to the slowing growth of Apple Pay.

Well, Apple Pay’s plans reach far beyond what we know today, as it is looking to expand in multiple directions as it attempts to boost adoption of its service.

Last month Apple Pay announced that it is bringing its mobile payment system to websites. At the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, officials said that users will soon be able to pay for mobile and desktop website purchases through Apple’s Safari browser/macOS Sierra. BIG news, eh? If you think about it, this move could also accelerate Apple Pay adoption, as desktop and mobile web could drive purchase frequency through mobile wallets since a huge share of shoppers already browse for goods online.

And how will it work? Shoppers using Safari on their Mac computers will be able to click a single Apple Pay button to pay for purchases on websites and then authenticate those purchases using their fingerprints on a connected iPhone.

pay_with_mac(During the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, Apple joked about how paying with Apple Pay Web would be like)

This feature may have a significant impact on mobile-based shopping, as many people browse for goods but often do not execute purchases on their phones or tablets because they find it too inconvenient to enter billing and shipping information. The introduction of Apple Pay to the web also means Apple is firmly setting its sights on PayPal, the current king of payments on the web. And since it seems like Apple Pay may be even faster than checking out with PayPal, it’s likely most websites that currently use PayPal will offer Apple Pay as an additional payment option for customers.

Until now, PayPal’s business was not directly affected by Apple because both payment services were using non-overlapping platforms. That is Apple Pay could only be accessed by app users in newer iOS devices while PayPal received a significant portion of revenues (over 30% in 2015) from transactions through its mobile website. Now as Apple Pay is evolving, it is likely that it will take a share of PayPal customers, especially those with iOS devices. Media reports suggest that nearly 20% of PayPal users are overlapping with Apple.

Competition doesn’t end here. Amazon also announced back in April the a plan to spread adoption of its payments service, Amazon Payments, to more third-party websites. With the launch of its Amazon Payments Global Partner Program, the retailer will help e-commerce platform providers and other developers integrate with Amazon Payments so their own merchants can offer the option to “Pay with Amazon” at checkout.

Card giants such American Express, Visa and MasterCard who also have their own express checkout options – Amex Express Checkout, Visa Checkout and MasterPass – will be highly impacted too.

And how will this affect retailers and customers? Will this be positive for them? According to the consulting firm Aite Group, retailers that add buttons for faster checkout to their sites often report lower cart abandonment and better sales, although a cluttered checkout page could also confuse also or annoy shoppers. So it looks like from now on merchants will need to be smart and offer the payment choices that are going to be most appropriate for their customer demographic.



  • Jon - 27 julio, 2016 a las 6:39 pm

    Wow, so this move by Apple could really leave Paypal in serious trouble…

    • - 27 julio, 2016 a las 7:07 pm

      You are right Jon, Apple Pay Web launch could mean serious competition for PayPal, which has One Touch, its own mobile payment service for websites and apps called. More than 250 of the top 500 online retailers use PayPal’s service, but it seems that Apple Pay will be much quicker and easier to use on iOS devices.

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